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Solo Crisis League

The DC Universe is in Crisis and you're the only one who can help! Beat the Crisis and defeat the Super-Villain. You better be quick though, the countdown is ticking and the challenge is only getting tougher.

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Solo Champions League

The Villains threatening the city, the country, the WORLD... and only you can handle them. Defeat the Villain before they complete their evil scheme!  Remember though, you're going to need the public's approval if you're going to last very long.

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Arkham Investigators League

Things have been changing rapidly in our small corner of New England, but you and your fellow investigators are up to the task.  So come, gather around the fire to share tales of our latest adventures and see which Agency is truly the best.

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YouTube Channel

Promo videos for each League as well as a backlog of livestreamed games from earlier seasons.

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Etsy Store

Specializing in game mats for card and board games, stickers, and pins.  Custom items available upon request.

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